• Autopilot ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller

      The Autopilot ECLIPSE F90 Master Environmental Controller allows growers to precise control and monitor temperature, humidity, and CO2 from one centralized unit. It’s three digital screens continuous display current temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 levels. LED lights indicate active modes and inform the user of any errors. 

    • Can Replacement Pre-Filter 50

      Very low air resistance, easily changed. MERV-5 mesh blocks pollen, dust, and other particulates from entering the filter. Available in sizes for all filters. A clean Can-Filter® Pre-Filter is an excellent way of extending the working life of your Can-Filter® filter.

    • Hurricane Inline Fan 12 in 1060 CFM

      Hurricane Inline Fans are commercial grade, high performance fans. The housings are made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. Made with quality UL components for quiet operation. Include mounting brackets with easy to follow instructions. Easily installs in minutes. These fans come with an 8 ft 120 volt…

    • Ideal-Air™ Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier 600 Pint

      Ideal-Air™ Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier is designed with ultra-sonic transducers to supply ultra-fine water particles. This is to help form a more balanced humidity field over your plant’s entire canopy. The Ideal-Air™ Pro Series Ultra Sonic Humidifier plates are made from cold-rolled steel and a stainless steel box with…

    • Phresh Filter 6 in x 16 in 400 CFM

      Machine packed with 46mm RC-48 activated, certified virgin carbon to ensure maximum carbon density with less movement than other filters. These filters offer a cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow. The 51% open air custom mesh design helps make these filters half the weight of other filters. Sealed,…

    • Quest Remote Humidistat – 105, 155, 205, & 215 Only (H46C 1166)

      Remote wall mounted humidistat made by Honeywell. It is adjustable from 20% – 80% RH humidity with positive On and Off settings.

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