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Accessories and Tools

From precision trimming to clearing a space for your garden, Grow Depot stocks a generous variety of scissors, trimmers, pruners, shears, and saws. You can expect the best products for indoor gardening and greenhouse gardening with brands like Shear Perfection, Fiskars, Zenport, ARS, and Bond.

We also carry garden containers and pots of all sizes, materials, and configurations so you find exactly what you’re looking for. Square garden pots, round garden pots, fabric pots, aeration frames, mesh pots, 5-gallon buckets, garden buckets, and saucers for your pots are all available throughout our stores.

Pest & Disease Control

Rid your indoor garden or greenhouse of plant-killing pests and insects with Grow Depots complete selection of insecticides, pesticides, and fungicides. We offer organic pesticides and fungicides as well as food grade insecticides that are pet-friendly.

Nutrients & Supplements

From organic gardening supplies and blended nutrients to complete kits with everything you need, Grow Depot offers hundreds of different nutrient and supplement options for hydroponics, indoor gardening, greenhouse gardening, and aquaponics.


With our environmental, CO2, humidity, temperature, and HID controllers, your harvest is sure to be amazing. We also have pH, PPM, and combo meters, and we carry 120 and 240 timers as well as trusted brands of controllers and meters, such as Autopilot™, C.A.P.™, and Titan Control™.

To serve you better, our store stands behind all of the top brands we carry. Any issues that may arise, we deal with right in the store.

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